Get to know Aaron
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09 May, 2023

Get to know Aarondamac

Most people know that everything has an origin story, including legends, myths, and heroic tales. Today, we're diving into the origin story of Aaron, known as Aarondamac, within the FGC. Aaron joined Paragon in June 2022 and is best known for playing Leo Whitefang and Happy Chaos in Guilty Gear Strive. Aaron has always been naturally competitive due to growing up playing sports, so getting into fighting games came naturally. One of the first fighting games Aaron ever played was Injustice. Being a big fan of DC superheroes, he began learning the game with a group of close friends.

One of Aaron's earliest experiences when entering the FGC was through a community of people who were part of the PSN community. Of course, being a part of this community expanded Aaron's interest in fighting games and left him wanting to play even more at a higher level. Aaron expressed how he met someone who was great at NRS games, had been a top player since MK9, and asked about playing a set with him. They both played a first-to-thirty-wins match, and during those sets, Aaron noticed how challenging his opponent was and wasn't discouraged. He fell in love with the genre of fighting games and since then has wanted to strive to be a better player.

We asked Aaron what or who inspires his FGC career, and he stated that he didn't have anything specific. Aaron fell in love with the process of competing and improving. He has mentioned that Lord Knight would be his favorite creator because of how knowledgeable his content has been for him as a top GGST player.

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