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08 May, 2023

Meet KawaiiFaceMiles

Hi, my name is Miles! I go by KawaiiFaceMiles on the internet, and I am more known for competing in fighting games, specifically Tekken 7. I also love to play JRPGS and Apex Legends as well as survival horror games.

I think the coolest thing about me is that not only did I fight amongst the greatest in competition for five years in the FGC in various tournaments, but I also won the FT3 Grand Finals against Cancer in 2022. I am also a survivor of domestic abuse.

I make content for YouTube and TikTok, and I love to stream occasionally on Twitch and TikTok as well. Overall, I just want to keep being an advocate for women in the gaming space as well as a pillar of strength and inspiration to those in the LGBTQ Community as a Trans Woman!

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