Paragon announces Intel NUC partnership
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22 May, 2023

Paragon announces Intel NUC partnership

As technology advances, so will the equipment we use for daily activities, work, or gaming. Smaller, compact, and portable devices are ideal for the modern day. Thus, the Intel NUC was created to serve that purpose and more!

The Intel NUC, known as "The Next Unit of Computing," is a much smaller computing system that delivers an ideal desktop setup experience to the user. Not only are these compact towers sustainable and ecologically friendly, but users can also upgrade and configure their devices to their liking. Additionally, with a 3-year warranty, both commercial and consumer buyers can find NUCs in various shapes and sizes to suit virtually any imaginable case. So, for gamers who want that RGB lighting, it's available! For those who prefer something more Boho or classy, there is a wood chassis available as well!

You can find more information about the Intel NUCs here.

It’s truly an honor for Intel NUC to be chosen by Paragon, an established leader in the fighting game community, to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. Whether being set up for tournament play or taken on-the-go by players, commentators, and analysts, the Intel® NUC 12 Enthusiast (Serpent Canyon) delivers a great balance of portable small form factor design and purpose-built performance for esports.” – Justin Whitney, Enthusiast Segment Manager, Intel NUC Group.

Here at Paragon, we focus on supporting the FGC and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Intel NUC! The Intel NUC's compact design and exceptional performance make it the perfect choice for FGC enthusiasts. Whether it's setting up for intense tournament play or taking the action on-the-go for players, the Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast (Serpent Canyon) offers a remarkable balance of portability and purpose-built performance for the FGC. It ensures that every move, combo, and reaction is flawlessly executed, bringing out the full potential of every FGC competitor!

"We're thrilled to announce that Paragon has partnered with Intel NUC. This partnership marks a major milestone for Paragon as we strive to provide our players, TO's, and fans within the FGC with the best possible experience. We are excited about the opportunities this will bring as we work together to push the boundaries of what is possible within the industry!" - Jeremy McLamb, PAR Chief Executive Officer & Bron Mitchel, PAR Chief Operations Officer

Once again, we would like to say thank you to Intel for this amazing opportunity!

You can watch the announcement video below.